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Aman Manazir
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Hi, I'm Aman. I'm a student at the University of Wisconsin-Madison studying computer science, economics, and philosophy. I write all the book reviews and articles on this website. I also create YouTube videos on productivity and effective studying. In my free time, I enjoy reading, writing, and traveling.


Every week, we write new articles that are posted on the Articles page. They are mainly composed of a wide range of topics, from philosophy to understanding to anything else we are interested in. Essentially, they are personal essays that we use to explore any idea or question that we find useful or informative.
Whenever I (Aman) read a book, I will do some sort of writing over it. I write a review for almost every book that I read. Additionally, I usually make highlights throughout the book of quotes that I would like to be reminded of. Sometimes, I go all out and take detailed notes over a book, especially if it's nonfiction.

The number that you see on the cover of the book is the rating I've given it; this is basically a score from 1-100, for how likely I am to recommend this book compared to others of its kind.

You can find everything I mention above and more on the Books page.
Thoughtful Thursday
Every Thursday, we send out a weekly email newsletter called Thoughtful Thursday. This email contains a short thought or idea that we have found that week, ranging from productivity techniques to life hacks to really anything helpful. After the short thought, we provide a few of our favorite things that week, from podcasts, to books, to TV shows, etc. We also supply a quote of the week, and updates on our brand and content.

You can sign up on the Home page.
Updates - Manazir 2.0
I chose three targets to focus on while constructing Manazir 2.0 (this website): speed, cleanliness, and reading experience. In the past, we had populated with several high quality banner images which stretched across the screen. As a result, we experienced long load times and several issues with the formatting.

This is no longer the case. I focused on building a structured, clean framework for our design. This means that the only images you will find are our profile pictures in the About section and the cover photos for each article and book. I also worked on uniform typography; I made it a goal to establish consistent formatting throughout

These changes have two effects: 1) our website is now drastically faster than before and 2) the reading experience is much nicer, with better margins, font, and color.