Where the Forest Meets the Stars

Glendy Vanderah
Where the Forest Meets the Stars

Post-Reading Review

I think this book was quite nice; one of the aspects that I enjoyed about it was the fact that it kept me guessing and hopeful throughout the entire read. I always expected and hoped that Ursa was actually an alien; I was always thinking about how they could have a really cool moment where she used some sort of powers or something but it never happened. Even until the end, when her backstory was revealed, I was expecting some sort of twist where it was proven that she was an alien. Especially because I remember the one moment where she said "was there ever a time that you actually considered believing me." That was kind of convincing.

The ending kind of ruined the magic of it all; it was sweet that Jo loved Ursa, but that whole shootout kind of ruined the focus on Jo and the uncertainty of her relationship with Ursa. Another thing I didn't enjoy was the overemphasis of how smart she was; it was kind up unbelievable, meaning that no kid, no matter how smart, really acts that way when it comes to Shakespeare and other things. Also, they just listed an IQ of 160. That was kind of weird. They should've had her solving complex problems or something that were left on a dining table.

I thought the fact that she named her cat Caesar was funny. Also, these people have messed up lives. All of them have very extreme backgrounds; Gabe real father is his fake father's best friend. Jo had a terrible run in with cancer and passed away parents. Ursa's mother was a prostitute.



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